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Accessibility Policy

Thank you for visiting the Commonwealth Care Alliance website. We are fully committed to providing easy and efficient access to our resources to everyone. To best serve our membership, many of whom are elderly or disabled, we make every effort to support and enhance online interaction with our organization. Our website offers:

  • Compliance with the Federal Section 508 Standards requirements of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act, as amended in 1998. For more information about these standards, visit the Section 508 website.
  • Support for commonly used web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.
  • Many documents available by downloading PDFs through Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free PDF file reader.
  • For larger text on any web page take advantage of your browser’s built-in capacities to enlarge or decrease the text size for easier reading.

Larger text on your browser

Use a keyboard shortcut

The easiest way to increase or reduce the size of the text on a web page is to use a keyboard shortcut.

  • PC users: hold down the Ctrl (control) key and press the + (plus) key to increase the size or press – (minus) to decrease the size
  • Mac users: hold down the Apple (command) key before pressing + or –
  • For all users: to reset the size to the page’s default size hold down the Ctrl (or Apple) key and press 0 (zero)

Adjust your browser settings

You can also make these changes from your web browser’s menu. Find the web browser you are using below for detailed instructions on how to adjust text size. Please note: Mass.Gov does not recommend or endorse specific web browsers.

Internet Explorer (versions 6 and greater):

  • In the View menu, select Text Size and then select a size (Largest, Smallest, etc.) on the next menu
  • Additionally, newer versions have an option in the View menu, select Zoom In (or Out)

Firefox (versions 3.0 and greater):

  • In the View menu, select Zoom and then select Zoom In or Zoom Out
  • Additionally, in the View menu, select Zoom and then choose to “Zoom Text Only” to leave graphics and controls at their original size


Select the wrench icon (Customize and Control Google Chrome) and use the plus and minus buttons next to Zoom.

Safari (versions 4 and greater):

In the View menu, select Make Text Bigger.


In the Page menu, select Zoom and then select the percentage bigger or smaller.

Adobe Acrobat Information:

Installation: If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, click here* to download and install a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Search Function:

  • To search an Adobe PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the “Search” icon (the button with the binoculars) on the Acrobat file toolbar or choose “Edit > Search” from the Acrobat menu. In the “Search PDF” window that opens, type in the word or phrase you are looking for and click on “Search.”
  • The cursor will jump to the first place in the document that search word or phrase appears. A search results box listing all the occurrences of that word or phrase will pop up. You can jump to any particular instance of the word or phrase by clicking on that item in the results box.
  • You can also click on “Edit > Search Results > Next Result” or “Edit > Search Results > Previous Result” in the Acrobat menu to navigate forwards or backwards to the next item.

If you have any comments or suggestions about how we can make the site even more accessible, we’d like to hear from you. Please send us an email at We welcome receiving feedback.

*When you click this link, you will leave the Commonwealth Care Alliance website.

Last Updated 01/28/2015