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Provider Access, Availability, & ADA Assessment

As a participating plan of One Care: MassHealth plus Medicare, we are required to provide our One Care plan members with meaningful access, ensuring that all of our programs and services are delivered in a manner by which barriers do not exclude persons with disabilities from obtaining access to care. The One Care plans must conduct an independent survey or site review of its network providers to assess its network’s ability to provide members with physical, communication, and programmatic access.

Call to Action:

In an effort to evaluate the level of physical, communication, and programmatic accessibility provided by our network facilities and provider organizations, we are conducting an assessment based upon the designated standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This assessment was developed in collaboration of all three One Care plans. We are asking you to complete a web-based self-assessment tool*. Please complete the assessment tool and submit it to the One Care plan(s) you are contracted with through the survey tool. If you participate in more than one One Care plan, you will only need to complete the survey once.

Next Steps:

Each One Care plan’s website will have a searchable provider directory that will include a system of icons that identify a provider site’s ability to provide access based on their responses in the self-assessment tool. Prospective enrollees and members will be informed of providers’ ability to accommodate their special needs through these icons in the provider directory. The icons represent the following areas of access: physical access to provider offices and sites; physical access to equipment; and communication and programmatic access to persons with developmental, cognitive, visual and hearing impairments.

Below is the contact information for the completion of the ‘One Care Access, Availability, and ADA Assessment Tool’ for any questions you may have.

ADA Compliance Contact:
Maryellen Sheehan

Contact Information:
Commonwealth Care Alliance
30 Winter Street
Boston, MA 02188
1-866-610-2273 (TTY 711)

*When you click this link, you will leave Commonwealth Care Alliance’s website.


Last Updated 10/02/2013